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From unknown to nationally recognised, through the power of PR

It’s a tough time to be a fintech or a tech startup.

Money is no longer cheap, inflation is on the rise, and investors are getting increasingly wary and tight fisted. Tech startups are also trying to convince investors to part with cash in an environment increasingly dubbed a “tech wreck” and “dot com crash 2.0”.

It makes life very hard for early-stage startups like our client Super Fierce, who is trying to raise funds to scale after only recently launching, and who didn't previously have much of a media footprint or national brand recognition!

So what PR tactics could be used to help with this conundrum?

Tactic 1: Leverage relevant timely events

Trenna Probert, Founder and CEO of SuperFierce talks about how PR helped with national and investor recognition, while also helping meet business goals
Trenna Probert, Founder and CEO of SuperFierce on the power of PR

Super Fierce is a scalable financial advice platform and social enterprise that aims to close the gender wealth gap.

So that is where we started.

Tactic 1 involved leveraging appropriate external events to make our media stories even more relevant and newsworthy. For Super Fierce, this meant timing our first story - a relatively small capital raise - with a much larger event - International Women’s Day.

The result? A massive feature in the AFR which ended up being one of the most-read stories that day.

Tactic 2: Use your unique competitive strengths

Super Fierce generates enormous amounts of data by assessing 500+ super fund options on a regular basis, and was founded by super smart minds hailing from the likes of Macquarie Bank’s C-suite.

So Tactic 2 involved playing to these particular strengths.

We strategically collated Super Fierce data, and had it analysed by experts, in a way that reinforced key messages and gave journalists unique and valuable insights and angles.

We did this over and over again, resulting in multiple tier-1 stories that would not have been possible otherwise.

Meeting business goals and creating investor interest

Thanks to the third-person credibility built up by media activity, when Super Fierce approached investors for its next round of funding, VCs and investors were well aware of the company’s brand, operations, mission, and vision before any formal introductions were made.

There was also a marked increase in website traffic and revenue following various media campaigns.

So our media campaigns also helped the company meet important business goals: this mass exposure helped Super Fierce save $100 million in super fees for its customers in record time, and ahead of the goal Super Fierce set for itself.

Talk about the power of PR!

It’s always a pleasure working with clients whose vision is aligned with ours. We couldn’t be happier to join Super Fierce on this journey to make super more accessible and equitable.

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